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Download Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 1-7 Sub Indo [MF]

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 1:
(Sakura) Sakura Kinomoto, the vigor of the fourth grade ordinary merit. One day, the cherry tree, find a book that shines bright in the basement of the house. Mysterious sealed card called "Clow Card" The book that has been (Fuin). Break the seal on the meter casual, Sakura, the card would fly apart. Cerberus "Beast of the Seal" that appeared in the last moment, it was (Kero).

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 2:
One day, Sakura and go to school, desks and chairs had been piled up in the middle of the schoolyard. Heck, who the culprit? Maybe, it is the work of a Clow Card Is it? To make sure, Sakura to school at night along with my friend Tomoyo and Kero .... What you see there is! ?

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 3:
Sakura went to the aquarium in the social studies field trip, look strange water accident to happen. Apparently also, it seems the work of the Clow Cards. Catch the "water", "Kero themselves are" becoming difficult even care, are invited on a date from Mr. Julian of longing, it was a happy ... Sakura.

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 4:
Sakura Sunday, had a voice mail, two cards to find the Crow are cleaning the inside of the house. I left the card in the basement, go out to deliver the thing forgotten father, saw that Sakura came back, it was a tree branch that extends to the full room!!

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 5:
Tomoe elementary school to school route, you are stuffed shop. We look at the cute stuffed animals and friendly manager, who cherry delight! But we stuffed this shop, somewhere is wrong! ? Stuffed animals sold that he would come back to shop guys talking about the store manager.

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 6:
(Ghost) will be avaliable ghost in the woods behind the school. Sakura went to see a friend, a woman would look really ghostly. In order to ascertain whether the work of the Clow Cards, Sakura was a went to see it again to Yonomori, showed up there was a mother who should be dead!?

Sinopsis Cardcaptor Episode 7:
Museum of Art, Sakura meets a boy trying to hurt the picture. I say "was changed painting was drawn on its own father. Was trying to fix" So ... he. Is it the work of a Clow Card by any chance? To confirm, Sakura sneaked into the night Museum.

File Info:
Format:Matroska (mkv)
Resolusi:448 x 366 pixel
Audio:Bahasa Jepang
Subtitle:Bahasa Indonesia (manual translate)
Translated by:Bung Hasta
Uploaded by:Bung Hasta
Encoded by:Omega
Source Supplied by:James1179

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